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newstar motor, chinese third skf certified rebuilder of electrical motors

delivery time: 2016-07-04
on 25 june 2016 hebei newstar eletiric motor co., ltd. - motor maintenance service department by the skf motor repair center certification, which marks the xinsida motor repair business department to become the skf certification in china by the three motor repair center.
skf certified motor repair center (hereinafter referred to as cre, certified rebuilder of electrical motors), cre certification system is skf global uniform standard in the maintenance of the motor, through skye fu cre certification of motor repair organization means that its standard for quality control, process control standards, storage standard, calibration standard, environmental and safety standards are completely in line with the stringent requirements of skf, also have sufficient technical strength, can in customer site for electronic equipment based on condition monitoring maintenance services. "cre certification system contains skf accumulation of knowledge and experience in maintenance of motor in the field for many years," cre as skf solution factory options important extension, to help partners to establish a stronger motor repair service capacity, to gain more market share.
do as a leader in the global bearing technology and manufacturing, skf motor repair center will join the certification of qualified partners to provide advanced international motor repair technology, for the motor industrial users provide one-stop service, customers will enjoy the service brought by the world's top motor repair shop.
hebei newstar motor co., ltd. - motor maintenance service department for 15 years to manufacturing with the concept of product service motor repair business, departments rely on enterprise manufacturing advantage in research and development, production and repair in the enterprise resource utilization formed complementary advantages, center currently has more than 300 sets of modern new type laboratory, production and maintenance of professional equipment, with large-scale explosion-proof electrical equipment, mining equipment, such as qualification examination and repair capacity, and the first through the national ministry of energy comprehensive power driver products remanufacturing capability certification, electromechanical products remanufacturing pilot units, hebei province special heavy electrical equipment energy-saving technology r & d center. center in the development of traditional special, special, difficult motor repair business at the same time, the scope of business extended to motor re manufacturing, energy saving and transformation of industrial users, such as the "system" of the motor "system" of the overall solution. the maintenance ability of the motor breakthrough single 11000kw, has a strong competitive strength in north china electrical maintenance, with innovative business ideas, reliable technical means, the center tightly around the core needs of customers, to provide professional, perfect and thoughtful product life cycle management services for industrial users.


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