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    the vision and mission of sida is to build an international famous motor brand and become user's first choice of package solution and service provider of motor and control system for mines. by construction of new plants, including high voltage motor manufacturing area, repair and transformation area, manufacturing and research area of motor and control system, sida started to enter the realm of high voltage mine motor, in addition to its coverage of medium voltage mine motors. the ott mode has enhanced our r&d capacity for products and laid a solid foundation for market expansion, thus improve the soft power of production management and product competitiveness.
    small enterprises rely merely on equipment cheap price to sell products; outstanding enterprises rely on human resources management to sell technology. for sida, the latest ott information integration management mode, first-class technicians and workers, professional maintenance team are the core competitive edge. "integration of production and research, synchronous sales and services" is the unchanging tenet of the company. users will experience the difference of sidaand its great strength through cooperation.
    an entrepreneurial spirit was natured in sida as far back as 1993, it has led our growth for over twenty years. we win many clients’ admirations by adhering to a long term strategy —— we never eat up in any industry and we have sharp business sense to new markets. nowadays, sida has stood out in mine mechanical and electrical industry, and realized perfection and perfection.
dedication and devotion
guiding principles:
for customers demandfor employees' growthfor company's development
industry leader     be respected by the society
build an international famous motor brand        strive for china's motor repair giant
make our dreams reality
hardworkpays off
health, happiness, interdependence, growth
createand share together
solidarity for prosperity,   integrity for vitality
 from a team of just several members to the present day industrial player, xinsida will not make it here without support and help from our customers, and the effort and contribution of all our employees. the basic guiding principles of the company is to whole-heatedly serve our customers, help employees develop and enterprise to grow. this is also the most direct and sincere wish of the board and all shareholders.
dedicationand devotion
    every employee of sida understands that devotion makes things done. dedicated to what you are doing and making all your effort to fulfill the promise for the company and customers. with the corporate platform, employees are encouraged to develop and improve themselves and strive for the common goal with all energy and get respected by the society.
innovation sustains development  create your future with concerted effort
 the first-class enterprise needs first-class team members. only when quality of our employees improved, could the enterprise grow stronger and bigger. such interdependence between the company and employees finds full expression of the common construction of xinsida home. it is a common goal for all managers to create a harmonious working environment, provide more opportunities for the sound development and improvement of employees, as well as their sound and happy development.
health, happiness, interdependence, growth
    corporate development means planning your future, and innovation is a path leading to corporate development. instead of being the exclusive rights of scientists, innovation has become the tool for operation and practice of all staff. innovation means product and technical improvements to satisfy our customers, revolution in operation mechanism and business model for keeping the enterprise thrive,and new management ideas and methods for better internal management. the company upholds the fundamental values of "solidarity for prosperity, integrity for vitality". we join hands and work together as a united, bold and ambitious team to create a common and better future.


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