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dear customers,

     hebeixinsida motor manufacturing limited liability companywill not achieve today's success without the hard work and effort of our employees and their family. we will not make it to where we are either, if we stand alone without the support and help from the government, industry leaders, our partners, and friends. we owe them our sincere gratitude.

     founded in 2005, xinsida is a modernized, professional motor manufacturer integrating design, r&d, production, sales and service. the 10-year history of xinsida not only allows a maximum capacity of 5000 kw/unit of its solely designed and manufactured products, but also guarantees strong competitiveness in north china in terms of specialized design, manufacturing and transformation of energy-saving technology for large and medium sized motors. with iso9001: 2008 qualify system certification and export products quality license, xinsida has set up a sales network across china, ready for full-range and one-stop services covering design, manufacturing, test, installation and maintenance of motor for customers. during the 10-year development, xinsida has given top priority to customer demands,technical innovation andscientific management. manufacturing and technical capacity plusproduct qualityof large and medium sized high-voltage motorshas been greatly recognized by the market, with products finding ready sale in south africa, d.p.r.k, mongolia, india, vietnam, etc.

     since its inception, xinsida has always followed the operating principle known as "sales and technology secure market performance, while service and quality pave the way for corporate development", and carried forward the corporate spirit known as "solidarity for prosperity, integrity for vitality". we have been constantly introducing talents and learning advanced science and technology. we place strict requirement for each employee to ensure product quality through the workflow and procedure, so as to meet customer demands. as for human resource strategy, we always uphold the principle of "equal competition, meritocracy, proper people for proper position and full use of talent". with respect for technology and talents, we create favorable platforms for development of human resources. we spare no effort in promoting corporate culture and guiding corporate growth with corporate culture, so as to enhance employees' professional ethics and entrepreneurship, as well as their team spirit and cohesiveness. as for marketing strategy, we stick to the tenet of "honesty foremost, credit fundamental" and provide "active, fast, considerate and satisfactory" services. starting from scratch and growing from small size, xinsida has laid a solid market and customer foundation and built its own brand. let's follow the company's long-term strategy, grow together and make our dreams come true.

                                                                                                       board chairman: li xudong


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