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introduction to shijiazhuang motor repair plant of hebei new star motor manufacturing limited liability company 
    started in 2000, motor repair became a new business for xinsida. shijiazhuang sida motor repair co., ltd., which was originally located on west of north second ring road of shijiazhuang, and tangshan sidamotor repair co., ltd. located on 25 daqing road of tangshan new and high tech development zone, are both professional motor repairers under xinsida. based on long-term experience in motor industry, the company offers repair services for large plants and mining enterprises. we are targeting at professional repair of large high voltage motors, especially those dedicated and special motors that are difficult to repair. we possess core technology of motorsas well asmany independent intellectual property rights.iso 9000 service quality management system has been totally applied toproduction and service. the two bases ofshijiazhuang and tangshan share resources in technology, equipment and personnel together, establishing a rapid response mechanism. their services cover the whole north china withhigh acknowledgementfromindustrial and mining enterprises.
    the company has a whole set of ex factory test and detection equipment for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, including power-frequency withstand voltage tester, inter-turn impulse voltage tester, direct-current high voltage generator, electromagnetic wire pressure tester, silicon steel sheet iron loss tester, digital ultrasonic fault detector, dc double armed bridge, and portable dynamical balance testing instrument. we provide excellent customer services based on premium quality of raw materials, full-range testing approaches, mature repair techniques, and skilled operation. we have taken the lead in the industry in north china in terms of repair technique, market size and service capability.
    the company established a long term cooperation relationship with jiamusi motor co., ltd., taking some motor after sales and repair services in shanxi and hebei.

basic service items of motor repair
 we provide the following services for large and medium ac, dc, high voltage, explosion-proof, and synchronous motors and generators:
□  motor online repair and maintenance on site;
□  motor standard maintenance, return installation, and load testing;
replacement and local repair of stator and rotor winding of motor;
replacement and repair of stator and rotor core of motor;
□  replacement, repair, and pellet blasting treatment of motor chassis;
□  castaluminium for rotator and aluminium bar changed for copper bar;
□  replacement or repair of motor rotor spindle;
□  replace or repair motor accessories (end cap, oil cap, bearing bush, slip ring, etc.)
□  balance stator and rotor;
□  overall concentricity air gap alignment of motor;
extended service item
□  electrical maintenance for plants and mines: frequency converter, transformer, control cabinet, electromagnetic chuck, electric welding machine, etc.;
□  repair of large metallic works: shafts, roller, cylinders, pistons, bearing bushes, etc.;
□  repair and balancing of large draught fan impeller;
□  motor management service (package services including supply, replacement, installation & testing of motors of various models, fault diagnosis of motor and control system, repair of control system, training on use and maintenance of motors, design of energy-saving solutions for motor systems, etc.)
□  outsourcing of after sales services for motor manufacturers in north china
  introduction to shijiazhuang motor repair plant of hebeixinsida motor manufacturing limited liability company
  add: xinsida motor industrial park, zhangjiazhuangtown industry zone, gaocheng city, shijiazhuang, hebei, china
  post code: 052160
  web :
  tel: 86-0311-87526052, 87526069
  fax: 86-0311-87526030, 87526056
  service hotline: 13931170563 guojian, business manager 


address: xinsida, motor industrial park, zhangjiazhuang industrial zone, gaochengdistrict,
shijiazhuang, hebei, china
postal code:052164
tel: 86- 0311-87526052 ext.: 6051, 6050

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