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introduction to technical center of hebei new star motor manufacturing limited liability company 
 the company is a base for teaching, scientific research and practice for hebei university of science and technology. it also has close ties with huazhong university of science and technology and shenyang university of technology. with such cooperation between the company and universities, we can develop products that cater to more different needs.
    the company has an array of 30 talents of various types, including 2 senior title holders, 3 associate senior title holders, and over 20 intermediate engineering and technical title holders. as the core technical department of the company, the center has kept a rigorous, efficient, practical and innovative manner at work.

    for more than ten years, the company has never ceased conducting researching, developing and improving technology according to various customers' strict requirements. in addition, the company has maintained good technical relationship with shanghai electrical apparatus research institute and jiamusi motor technology research institute, which are leading and managing domestic motor researches. thanks to advanced 3d design software, such as visual emcad, rscrcy2, rscrcy and caxa, we are able to work out brand new electromagnetic and structural design, breakthrough the traditional motor design theories and ensure various performance indicators of motor.

    technical center of hebei new star motor manufacturing limited liability company boasts a top team of research and design in china. more and more technical elites have joined the team since its establishment. there are technical veterans enjoying national reputation, and young and middle-aged designers and technicians with energy and skill. in addition to technical backbones, newly recruited college graduates every year have become a backup force for technical innovation.


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