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our company has established a set of strict and perfect product design and development process, and provide perfect technical service and after-sales service for the ex-factory motor products.unconditionally assist users to provide after-sales maintenance and repair services during the warranty period, and help users to troubleshoot problems;our company has a professional technical service team and after-sales service team, which can provide perfect products and services anywhere in china.for customers outside china, our company can provide technical and after-sales service for the motor products sold according to the actual needs of customers.

our company provides three warranty services for motor products, and the warranty period is 12 months after the product leaves the factory. in case of product quality problems during the warranty period, we are responsible for providing warranty services to customers and replacing unqualified parts at our expense.specific service contents are as follows:

1. all unit faults caused by manufacturing and design of the manufacturer are within the scope of warranty.motor breakable parts and daily use accessories do not belong to the scope of warranty.the failure of the generator set due to user's human operation error, negligence maintenance and other reasons does not belong to the scope of quality assurance.

ii. out-of-warranty maintenance and maintenance services:

(1) after the warranty expires 10 years of motor quality problems, the company can provide maintenance services, all spare parts are provided at cost.

(2) according to the needs of users, the company can accept user applications and commissions to provide regular maintenance and maintenance of users' equipment.

iii. provide users with equipment installation and debugging guidance services;

iv. guide users to maintain and maintain the equipment;

5. provide technical advice and answer questions;

vi. provide users with necessary technical data support as follows:

(1) technical documents: all technical documents provided by our company are in chinese or english, using standard symbols and terms stipulated by itu and iec. all drawings have title bar, corresponding number, all symbols and part marks, and use si international system of units.and provide the following documents:

(1) product technical parameters (product technical characteristics, technical data, dimensions, etc.).

(2) external dimension drawing of the motor

(3) electrical principle wiring diagram

installation diagram

user operation and maintenance manual

6 equipment installation and debugging required technical data

(2) technical support: our company will provide technical support for product design, supply, manufacturing and service (including transfer of advanced technology, technical performance guarantee, design quality guarantee, manufacturing quality supervision and guarantee, quality management guarantee, delivery guarantee, etc.).

for foreign customers, the company can assist in the installation and debugging of equipment and assign experienced field service engineers to assist in the installation, debugging, guidance and training of the products in the contract.

if the equipment has been improved, the company will promote the equipment to the users and provide relevant technical materials free of charge. the drawings and technical specifications of parts and components can be provided to the purchaser free of charge.

for foreign users, the company can cooperate with the work of users and installation contractors. according to the requirements of users, the company can dispatch experienced installation guidance personnel and test engineers to assist in the technical guidance of the installation, debugging and field test of the products in the contract. our guidance personnel are responsible for the correctness of all installation work.our company can provide on-site technical services according to customer requirements, with the purpose of ensuring the quality of the equipment supplied meets the requirements, and can be used safely and normally.


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