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hebei newstar motor manufacturing co., the company name change notice

delivery time: 2015-06-26
      because of the need of the development of the company, "hebei xinsida motor manufacturing co., ltd." name "hebei xinsida motor co., ltd. from 2015 june 23, the registration of change, then the original company" hebei new quarterback of motor manufacturing co., ltd. "business continue to operate by" hebei xinsida motor co., ltd., signed by the company and the original contract continue to be valid. with immediate effect, all of the company's internal and external documents, information, to open invoices, accounts, etc. all the information has been using the new company name. hereby notify!
      the inconvenience, please forgive me


address: xinsida, motor industrial park, zhangjiazhuang industrial zone, gaochengdistrict,
shijiazhuang, hebei, china
postal code:052164
website: www.xsdmotor.com
tel: 86- 0311-87526052 ext.: 6051, 6050
email: mgq@xsdmotor.com

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