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yrkk series large and medium high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor (yrkk, yrkk, high voltage motor)

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i. overview
yrkk series high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor (seat number 355-1000) is the latest product developed by our factory, with reasonable structure and advanced technology. it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low vibration, reliable operation and convenient installation and maintenance.
the power grade, installation size and electrical performance of the motor meet the national standard gb755-2000 "quota and performance of rotating motor" and relevant iec standards and national industry standard jb/t10314.2-2002...
the basic installation mode of the motor is horizontal with bottom angle (imb3), and the working system is continuous working system (s1).
ii. structure
the motor adopts box structure. the frame is welded with steel plate, light weight and good stiffness. the closed air/air cooler is installed on the top of the motor, which is convenient to disassemble and assemble, and is conducive to the maintenance and repair of the motor. the sliding ring cover has an observation window for observing the operation.
the stator is equipped with external pressure structure, the stator winding is insulated with f-class insulation material, and the end of the stator is fixed and bound reliably. during the manufacturing process, the stator has undergone many turn-to-turn pulse voltage tests and ground voltage withstanding tests, and has been treated with advanced vacuum pressure impregnating solvent-free paint equipment and technology (vpi) abroad. therefore, the insulation performance of the motor is excellent and reliable, the mechanical strength is good, and the moisture-proof ability is strong.
the winding rotor is made of f-class insulation material.
there are two types of bearings, rolling bearing and sliding bearing, depending on the power and speed of the motor. the rated frequency of the motor power supply is 50hz, the rated voltage is 6000v, and the basic type of protection grade is ip44. after negotiation, the shell protection grade of the collector ring can be ip22 or ip23, and other voltage, frequency and protection grade motors can also be provided according to the order requirements.
motors can be used to drive various machinery, such as compressors, pumps, crushers, cutting machines, transport machinery and other mechanical equipment, in mines, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, power plants and other industrial and mining enterprises in the prime mover role. the motors used to drive blowers, coal mills, rolling mills and winches should be specified in their use and technical requirements when ordering, and special designs should be adopted to ensure reliable operation.


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