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variable-frequency adjustable-speed motor series ytp special for winch & elevator

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brief introduction
    seriesytp is of variable-frequency adjustable-speed motor developed specially for winch & elevator by hebei newstar motor manufacturing limited liability company, whose mounting dimension and power level both meet standards of iec. this series is energized by a frequency convertor; the mode of speed adjustmentwith a power within 0~50hz is at constant torque while that of a motor with a power within 50~100hz at constant power. this series is suitable for work sites with winch & elevator, e.g. coal mine, well drilling, transportation machinery, oil field etc., which can help realize stepless speed adjustment and intelligent control. standard design ratings of thisseries are 380v, 50hz.moreover, we can design motors with other voltage and frequency values (e.g. 400v, 415v, 420v, 440v, 480v, 60hz) as required.

1. the professional electromagnetic design enablesthe series many advantages: high starting torque, strong overload capacity, stable speed adjustment and reliable operation.
2. insulation structure special for    is applied, with insulation class f,and continuous vacuum pressure impregnation (vpi) ensures the series a longer service life.
3. protection class ip 23decreases running noise and risk of the installation of a powerful air cooler.
4. the professional finite element analysis (fea) and design enable a normal work station even in intermittent duty (s3, s4).
5. nonstop greasing guarantees a timely lubrication for bears, ensuring a longer life. 


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