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large-sized 3-phase asynchronous motor series yr (open-type)

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brief introduction

    the large-sized 3-phase asynchronous motor series yr is produced in line with gb755-2000 basic technical requirements for motors and jb2223-77 basic technical requirements for large-sized 3-phase asynchronous motors. as an upgrade version of the old series of large-sized wound-rotor motor jr, the series’ key performance parameters are higher than those in ministerial standard because of the adoption of advanced modern production technologies and fine design. the series yr can be used as a primary mover for rolling mill, winch, water pump, compressor and ball mill as well as other mechanical equipments, suitable for places with small electricity capacity or needed for large starting torque to improve starting performances.

    the frame of series yr is a horizontal-type structure made of welded steel plate. the motor boasts many advantages, e.g. high efficiency, strong overload capacity, low noise, slight vibration, reliable structure and good appearance, suitable for matching with imported equipment.

    series yr adopts insulation class f. its rotor coils are copper bars covered with insulating material with an insulation class f, and silver brazing is adopted for the welding between coils and between coil and conducting bar so as to ensure the reliability for motor operation.

    single shaft extension is commonly applied in series yr, but double shaft extensions also can be made. the direction of such motor rotation could be selected arbitrarily, but neither moving back and forth nor plug braking is allowed.


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