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large /medium-sized high-voltage 3-phase asynchronous motor series yr

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    the 6kv/10kv motor series yr (center height 355-710) is a kind of 3-phase wound-rotor asynchronous motor produced in line with technical specifications in jb/t7594-1994, with a protection class ip23 and a cooling mode ic01. 
    the series yr has many advantages, such as high efficiency, energy conservation, low noise, slight vibration, light weight, reliable performance and installation & maintenance convenience. 
    series yr can offer a big starting torque even under a small starting current; but its feeder line capacity is not big enough to start squirrel-cage rotor motor; its starting time is long and it needs frequent starting; and it is suitable for cases needed for small-range speed adjustment, e.g., to drive winch, rolling mill and drawbench.  
the structuring and mounting applies imb3 mode.rating means the values based on continuous duty (s1), and rated frequency is 50 hz, rated voltage 6kv/10kv; for other voltage classes or special requirements could be discussed separately. 
    the motor uses box-type structure.the frame is made of steel sheet welding, featured with light weight and fair rigidity.the slip-ring cover has viewing window for observation of operating condition. 
    the stator uses external press fitting structure. the stator winding uses class f insulation material. the end has reliable fixing and binding. multiple inter-turn impulse voltage tests and grounding high-voltage holding tests have been conducted in manufacturing procedure. and it is processed with internationally advanced vacuum pressure impregnation (vpi) solvent free varnish equipment and process.thus the motor has excellent and reliable insulating property, fair mechanical strength andstrong moisture-proof capacity.
    wound rotor uses class f insulation material.
    the bearings have antifriction bearings and sliding bearings to be determined by power and rotating speed of motor.yr series is basic with protection grade of ip23. yrqf series (ipw24) and yrks series (ip44 or ip54) may be derived as per ordering requirements.  
    main junction box is mounted at right (looking from shaftextension end) of motor usually, and left side available as per ordering requirements. the main junction box includes independent ground terminal. 
    the motors can be used to drive various general machines, e.g. compressor, pump, crushers, stock-removing machine, transport machines and other machines as prime engines in various industrial and mining enterprises, e.g. mines, engineering industry, petrochemical industry and power plant.purpose and technical requirements shall be indicated in ordering motor for ventilating fan, coal grinding mill, iron-rolling mill and hoister so as to use special design for reliable operation.

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