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yks series high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor

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yks series high voltage motor is a squirrel cage rotor water-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor. this type of motor has advanced manufacturing technology, high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, reliable operation, easy installation and maintenance, etc. the power level, installation size and electrical performance of this series of motors are in accordance with the relevant provisions of iec standards.
the protection level of yks high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor is ip44 or ip54, and the cooling method is icw81a.
yks series high voltage ac motors can be used to drive various machines. such as ventilators, compressors, pumps, crushers, cutting machines and other equipment, and can be used as a prime mover for coal mines, machinery industry, power plants and various industrial and mining enterprises.
yks series high-voltage water-cooled motor structure and installation type is imb3, the quota is based on continuous working system (s1) as the benchmark of the continuous quota, motor rated frequency is 50 hz, rated voltage is divided into 6 kv, 10 kv, other voltage levels or special requirements, in order can be agreed with users.
this type of high-voltage motor is regarded as clockwise rotation of the two-pole motor from the extension end of the shaft. if the user needs to rotate counter-clockwise, it must be noted at the time of ordering.
the rotor of yks series high voltage motor adopts a squirrel cage structure with reliable cast aluminium or copper conductors. there are two types of bearings, rolling bearing and sliding bearing, depending on the speed and power of the motor.
yks series high voltage motors can be used to drive various general machinery, such as compressors, pumps, fans, crushers, cutting machines, transport machinery and other mechanical equipment. in mining, machinery industry, power plant and other industrial and mining enterprises as the prime mover. used to drive blowers, coal mills, rolling mills, winches, etc. should be explained when ordering.

seat number: h355-630mm
power range: 220 kw-3500 kw
extremum: 2-12
rated voltage: 3000v, 6000v, 10000v
insulation class: f class
protection level: ip54
installation: imb3
cooling mode: ic81w
working system: s1
usage: used for driving fan, compressor, water pump, crusher, chip machine tool, transportation machinery and other general mechanical equipment. it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, iron and steel, mining, machinery, power plants and other industries.


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