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y2 (355~560) series 6kv and 10kv compact hv 3-phase asynchronous motor

  • introduction
  • parameters
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    the power grade, electrical performance and mounting dimensions of y2 series compact hv motor are compatible with gb755 and gb/t13957 states standard and iec 34-1 criteria. the enclosure protection grade of this series is ip54 or ip55, and type of cooling as ic411. we can produce motors of all sizes of class 6.6 kv, 3 kv ,3.3 kv ,10.5kv and 11kv as per customers' requirement. this series of products are featured as small size, light weight, compact structure, high efficiency, low noise, and fulfilling environmental requirements of customers. the examples have marked dimensions of imb3, compatible with provisions of gb997 and iec34-7. we can also produce motors with mounting dimensions of imb35 and imv1 as per customers' requirement.

    this series of motors are applicable to power compressor, ventilation fan, pump, crusher, metal cutting lathe, coal mill and transport machinery, and used as prime engine of mining industry, engineering industry, petrochemical industry and other industrial and mining enterprises too. concerning technical data shall be provided in ordering for motors to be used for ventilating fan, coal mill, crusher and iron-rolling mill, so as to ensure reliable operation of motor.

service conditions of products

altitude no more than 1000 m;

environment temperature: -15 ℃~ 40 ℃;

operation system: continuous s1;

coupling transmission shall be used between motor and machine to be powered.


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