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the 20th china international cement technology and equipment exhibition 2019

delivery time: 2019-06-17
the 20th china international cement technology and equipment exhibition in 2019 concluded in hefei international convention and exhibition center, anhui province. hebei new sida motor co., ltd., with permanent magnet direct-drive motor related products, participated in this industry exhibition again after 2018.
at present, the overall operation characteristics of the national cement industry are as follows: the cement price rises year on year and is stable month-on-month, the cement demand drops slightly, the market supply and demand relationship continues to be improved, the industry maintains low inventory operation, and the benefit level and the industry profit level maintain rapid growth.structural reform of the state to the supply side and the environmental protection supervision strength increasing, including "limit production of environmental protection", "win the blue sky battle", "peak production" many affect cement production capacity play to limit production measures, including the continuous fermentation, greatly improving the industry overcapacity, excessive competition in the market, science and technology content is low, high energy consumption, low profit level status.the birth of permanent magnet direct drive motor will change the previous situation of low technology content, high energy consumption and low profit.permanent magnet direct drive motor is of great significance in stimulating production vitality and technological creativity of enterprises, optimizing production structure, improving production efficiency, and realizing industrial energy saving and green development.


in the past year, hebei new sida electric adhere to transform and upgrade products, continue to optimize the structure of product design, through the market demand to promote product innovation, constantly improve the product design in practice, further deepening the market for permanent magnet direct-drive motor learning and understanding, by a single enterprise to multi-type, stretching from the north to the south, expand the scope of equipment form a complete set of permanent magnet direct-drive motor of low speed and heavy loading.the permanent magnet drive motor (explosion-proof) of belt conveyor, permanent magnet drive motor of powder separator and permanent magnet drive motor of bucket lift machine brought by this exhibition attracted many visitors to stop and browse, and reached cooperation intention with many large cement enterprises in the south.low-speed and high-torque permanent magnet direct-drive frequency conversion motor is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving driving mechanical equipment specially developed and manufactured for low-speed heavy-duty equipment in cement industry.



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